Revising Your Estate Plan

When people buy a will, trust, and/or other estate planning documents, they generally think that their preparations are finished. Not so. – Apart from revising your estate documents regularly (you revise your investment portfolio regularly and a good estate package is not so different), you should make sure that your executor knows where your documents […]

Living Wills

Last Will. Living Will. Pour-over Will. For some reason known only to legal linguists, some misguided attorney decided to call a certain genre of medical directive a “will.” Don’t ask your attorney why because he/she probably doesn’t know either. However, what your attorney may know that a surprisingly large majority of people do not know […]

Quality Estate Planning

I frequently receive phone calls from people asking how much it costs to buy a trust or a will or an estate package. It seems that most everyone expects a single price because more and more yellow page ads read something like this: “WILLS: starting at $50.00.” – When shopping around for a will, trust, […]

Another Lesson From Mediation

With most disputes that I see in my office, people have a tendency to want to address the largest, most glaring item of dispute with their opponent immediately. After all, this is what they are really upset about – the other, sometimes numerous, issues are almost trivial in comparison. However, my experience and the experience […]

Successful Dispute Resolution

I have learned from innumerable sessions of mediation and negotiations between disputing parties a number of intriguing lessons about relationships. Surprisingly, the simplest and most obvious lesson is one that is too often left untested before parties begin a heated dispute. – A crude illustration may help. Offended persons are much like an inflated balloon […]